Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sponsorship of Mia Approved!

Today I received news from the wonderful director of Gracie's Room Program, that I could sponsor Mia for the remainder of her stay at Xinxiang Orphanage.  I'm not sure what that all entails right now, but I do know that I feel much better knowing that I have some part in my angel's daily nurturing until I can get her snuggled in my own arms!  I've donated previously to the program and sent in my sponsorship fee of $250.00 today which is the sum that will sponsor a child in the Gracie's Room program for a year.  Thankfully little Mia will be in her momma's arms well before 2012 even thinks of moving along, but hopefully another kiddo can benefit from as well. 

If you want to sponsor a child in Mia's program, visit Dianjiang Kids International; click on Donations; then click on Gracie's Room. $250 is a lot these days with our struggling economy, but $250.00 can change the life of a little one, just like my precious Mia.    It's well worth it!