Thursday, February 2, 2012

We are so home!

Motherhood is an absolute delight.  I love every single minute of it!  Mia is as precious as can be and continues to be the sunniest little girl I've ever seen.  Her smile is infectious and she has mom completely wrapped around her finger.  After a week and a half of being home, Mia has taken over the house, the animals and her parents!  She hasn't missed a beat and I really can't believe my lucky stars.  The one little issue we had the first week -- eating more than Carlton or I put together, seems to have resolved itself and although Mia's first love still seems to be food -- food of ANY KIND, she seems to now realize that it won't run out and she can have more when she wants. 

I really must thank again the wonderful nannies and director of Xinxiang Orphanage in China and the Gracie's Room Program.  They all did a fabulous job with little Mia and I truly believe that Gracie's Room and the beautiful women who care for all the precious babies, have made Mia's transition to her forever family so much smoother than it could have been. 

Welcome home baby!