Sunday, July 22, 2012

Love Letter to Mia

Love Letter:  32 months & 6 months Home! Today you are 32 months old my darling girl.   The past 6 months have flown by and there is not one single moment that I wouldn't kiss your sweet cheeks.  You have really grown and you have outgrown 2 shoe sizes already!  You are now a 6, but I see a size seven peeking around the corner already. This past month you have learned to "snuggle," and to give kisses, some full blown on the mouth.  In the past, you'd hold your check up for a kiss or hold your hand on my mouth.  After one of your books, you exclaim to me each time i tell you that i love you, "like crazy cakes!"  Snuggles are the absolute best and my all time favorite part of the day with you. Food still takes first prize with you, and "chochoo" is your absolute joy.  Your Auntie Jo will be so thrilled.  You still are not a fan of meat and I'm more and more convinced that you will become a vegetarian of some sort.  Cheese and other dairy products are still your favorites and I don't foresee you giving up anytime soon.   You are so amazingly bright and not a day passes that you don't say or do something well above your age.  You are almost potty trained now too!  It has been wholly effortless and you clap and sing "yaaaah" when you do your big girl business in the toilet.  You also flush and say "night night pooh pooh" each and every time.   We are working on your pronunciation each day now and I laugh so hard every time you're on the potty.  You will tell me "nothing," but you say it "noshit.".  It really is too funny and you love to make your momma and others laugh. There is not a single person you meet that doesn't fall absolutely in love with you, my little charmer.  I love crazy cakes! Momma